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Increase Fertility, Naturally

Relieve Your Seasonal Allergies with Acupuncture
Give Your Cardiovascular Health a Boost with Acupuncture
Acupuncture and Reproductive Health
7 Steps to Treating Diabesity
United States of Diabesity

A Brief Discussion of Yin and Yang

Nationwide Hospitals Making Room for Acupuncture

Tackling TMJ


Acupuncture, Chakras and Cancer Treatment: Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine Balancing

Management and Prevention of Lateral Ankle Sprains With Western and Eastern Methods

The Magic of Microcurrent

Herbs: Revitalizing in Spring to Maintain Youthful Vitality

Public Health & Gerontology Groups Support CAM

How Chinese Medicine Can Save Western Medicine


Useful Medical Insights

Listening to Albert Einstein

The Complex Journey of Healthcare Reform

Flexner to Eisenberg: The Turning of a Nation

This is Your Brain on Meditation

Medical Qi Gong and Emotions

Modern Pain, A Ancient Solutions

Scalp Acupuncture for Stroke

  Relaxation Revolution

Yoga Helps Older Stroke Victims Improve Balance, Endurance

Tai Chi Could Help Overcome Cognitive Effects of Chemotherapy

Green Tea and Tai Chi Enhance Bone Health and Reduce Inflammation in Postmenopausal Women
Fighting Malaria With African Plant Extracts

Coming of age: 40 of the most surprising and inspiring tips (1-5)

Coming of age: 40 of the most surprising and inspiring tips (6-10)

Coming of age: 40 of the most surprising and inspiring tips (11-15)

Coming of age: 40 of the most surprising and inspiring tips (31-35)

Tips Help You Quite  Smoking 
Best Drinks For After a Workout
Infection Control For Everyone
Modern Life & B Vitamins Deficiency
 Alternative Medicine Info
Prostate Screening - Just Do It
The Truth about Antioxidants
Are Organic Foods Better Than Regular Foods?
8 Tips to Boost Your Energy
Mirrors Can Improve Your Exercise Results

Myths About Whole Grains and Vegetarianism

Hold the Needles: New Anti-Aging Treatments


Where Acupuncture and Weight Loss Meet

Don't Ignore Leg Cramps!
Addictions - What to Do Before It's Too Late
Sleep Yourself Healthy
Nutrition for Healthy Eyes
9 Healthy Foods to Improve Your Mood
Food That Harms,Food That Heals
Sugar - The Sweet and the Bad
Fat Lovers Beware!

Prevention is the Real Anti-Aging

Women With PCOS Benefit from Acupuncture
Weight Loss Diet Options

Inertia and the Mind


Most Americans with High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol at Unnecessary Risk for Heart Attack and Stroke


How Natural Drug, Abscisic Acid, Fights Inflammation


Many Brain Tumor Patients Use Homeopathy, Alternative Treatments


Fruit and Vegetable Concentrate Decreases Number of Days With Severe Cold Symptoms

Number of Americans with Diabetes Rises to Nearly 26 Million

Protective Properties of Green Tea Uncovered


Best Cures & Remedies for Insomnia





13 Ways to Increase Your Longevity


To Defeat Cancer - We Must Stand Together
Healthy Eating Redefined

Gain Muscle After 40

7 Foods to Avoid Eating 
Your Diet Can Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

Acupuncture May Help Some Older Children With Lazy Eye

Natural Supplement, Echinacea, May Reduce Common-Cold Duration by Only Half a Day

Acupuncture, the Natural Cold and Flu Remedy
Rest, Renew and Reflect on Your Health!

TCM and Weight Management


Milk Thistle: Safe and Effective Around Chemotherapy?


Improved With Age


Chinese Herbs Can Complement Proven Allergy Treatments

Acupuncture Changes Brain's Perception and Processing of Pain

Early Texans looked to plants to cure what ailed them

Diet May Reduce Risk Of Prostate Cancer

Concentration, Timing and Interactions Are Key When It Comes to Dietary Compounds

Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem New Bones

Getting Off the Antibiotic Merry-Go-Round

CAM Improves Quality of Life With Cancer

Smoked Medical Cannabis May Be Beneficial as Treatment for Chronic Neuropathic Pain
New Connection Between Yoga and Mood
Why Fish Oils Work Swimmingly Against Inflammation and Diabetes
Light Diet: Eating Food without Seeing It May Impede Ability to Judge Hunger
Ancient Chinese Medicine May Help Chemotherapy Patients
Bees Help to Beat MRSA Bugs

The Top 11 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Link Between Sirtuins and Life Extension Strengthened

 Bees Help to Beat MRSA Bugs

Green Tea Extract Appears to Keep Cancer in Check in Majority of CLL Patients

Coffee or Tea: Enjoy Both in Moderation for Heart Benefits

Acupuncture Improves Exercise Tolerance in Heart Patients

Brown Rice Cuts Diabetes Risk

New high-speed growing technique turns ancient herb into a cancer-eating machine  


Acupuncture's molecular effects pinned down

Acupuncture Collaboration with the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marines

UCSF Medical School Offers Traditional Chinese Medicine Elective Course

Acupuncture Shows Promise in Cancer Treatment

Energetics of Foods for Health and Healing - Part II


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